What are the age requirements to lease at Lansing Place?
In order to qualify for a lease at Lansing Place, residents must be aged 50 or older - no exceptions. This way, our community is kept to the highest standards in terms of upkeep, care, and neighbor realtions.
Are pets allowed at Lansing Place?
Definitely! Please speak to our offices about bringing your pet to live with you at Lansing Place - our office manager would be more than happy to inform you about our pet policy.
Are bills included?
No - bills are not included in your Lansing Place rent.
Is Lansing Place handicap accessible?
Yes. Many of Lansing Place's patio home apartments are handicap accessible from the garage and entryways.
Can wheelchairs fit through the apartment doors?
Yes. Lansing Place was designed with wider-framed doorways to help ensure that individuals sporting wheelchairs can easily enter and exit from any room in their apartment.
Can I plant my own flowers in my apartment's garden?
Of course! We love for our residents to get creative with their gardening. You are free to plant to your hearts desire within your own, personal garden.
How is trash pick-up handled?
Our residents typically opt-in to the city of Wichita Fall's trash pick-up program, where you can request a garbage can for weekly pick-up. Residents must place their garbage into their personal containers and set them on the curb before pick-up, just as you would at a normal home residence.
Are vehicles allowed to be parked in the street?
No - all roadways in Lansing Place are dedicated for driving activities only. No residents or guests are allowed to park their vehicles in the way of traffic, no matter the circumstances. The reason we require all vehicles to be parked on apartment drive ways is so that roadways are clear and safe for residents to manuever their cars around the complex.